Gideon Goldberg Media and Code

I have a keen interest in Broadcast Media in particular Audio. Below you can listen to a Showreel combinining audio projects which I completed whilst studying BA(Hons) Broadcasting at University College Falmouth.

Cornwall's Jewish Journey


The audio documentary Cornwall's Jewish Journey traces the arrival of Jewish immigrants in the 18th Century and their unique role in Cornish society. Following through to the present, the programme examines the decline of the historic community and the emergence of a new Jewish community in the last decade.

The programme was adapted with a new narration and re-edited for broadcast on BBC Radio Cornwall, you can listen to it on the BBC Radio Cornwall Faith website 

The Ammunition


Working on a studio recording of  the track We're on Fire for the up and coming rock band The Ammunition. I used the industry standard Pro-Tools software to capture the recording, during a session with the band. Making use of the digital effects and editing tools available to produce and master a professional mix.

Day In Madrid


This project caputured the ambient sounds during a day out in Madrid. Travelling from the outskirts (las afueras) to the city centre (el centro.) The recordings span everything from the everyday sounds of a bus journey and supermarket, to the spectacular cacophony of drums playing during a sunday aftertoon fiesta in Retiro Park.