See my open source code on Github.

Five Star

Shows the latest film, music and stage reviews from the Guardian sorted by star rating, to make it easy to cut the crap and find the latest five star content!
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.SBV to .SRT converter and format documentation

A tool to convert the automatically timed captions generated by YouTube into the popular .SRT format and documentation of the .SBV format

iPlayer 'switch to Audio Described' bookmarklet

I wrote a bookmarklet, which redirects the user to the Audio Described version of an episode on iPlayer, if it is available.

BBC Radio on-air Microsummaries

Radio MicrosummariesI developed Microsummaries that grab the 'on air' information for BBC Radio stations and display this information as a Live Bookmark in the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Mozilla Firefox

I have done Quality Assurance (testing) for the Mozilla Firefox web browser, identifying problems and writing bug reports, which have been acted on by developers. I have also identified and fixed errors and ommisions in the software's documentation. See my bugs currently open in the Bugzilla bug tracking system.  

Yahoo Pipes

My Yahoo Pipe takes the 'El Mundo' RSS feed, runs it through a machine translation into English and merges the results together so the Spanish original story appears alongside the English translation.


Photos mapped on Google Earth I used a geo-mapping service to map photos of the local town onto Google Earth, whilst studying in Spain. See my photos on Panoramio.