Through blogs I have shared my views and experiences on a variety of issues. From my time studying in Madrid, to debates on broadcasting regulation, music phones and more.  

Comes with Music

The unofficial Comes With Music blog, charts my experience as an early adopter of the Nokia unlimited music download service. Sharing bands I've discovered, plus how I find the Nokia Music desktop program and of course, listening to all those downloads on the phone. 
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Kids' TV Kuttings

Started in 2006, Kids' TV Kuttings offered a critique on the debate between those looking to regulate junk-food advertising on children's TV and producers looking to maintain funding for UK-based kids' programmes. It had notable success, attracting comments from leading public figures on both sides of the argument. Find out more on the Regulation page.
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En Madrid

During my time studying in Madrid, I set up the blog En Madrid to keep frinds and family updated of my progress. Full of photos from my adventures there, the blog has since attracted hits from visitors looking for English language information about the city. Go to En Madrid>