.SBV file format documentation and converter

.SBV format

.SBV is the file format outputted by YouTube's Automatic Timing feature which creates automatically timed captions based on a transcript.

SBV to SRT file format converter

I have written this tool which converts an .SBV format file to the popular .SRT format which is supported by applications such as Subtitle Workshop and VLC to make it easy to edit and re-use the subtitles outputted by YouTube. If you wish you can edit and upload the SRT file back to YouTube.
Paste .SBV file into this box:

.SRT file outputs here:

SBV file format documentation

Here is an example of SBV output from YouTube:
>> TIM: So its 1976 I'm coming to the end
of my career at Oxford learning physics -

I really don't know anybody who's done physics
at a PhD level so I don't have a role model
The time format used is hour:minutes:seconds.milliseconds and the deliminating character is a comma. So we could describe the format as follows:
Start Time,End Time
>> SPEAKER NAME: First line of text
Second line of text

Start Time,End Time
First line of text
Second line of text